Fluoridating remineralizing of enamel

There is no topically applicable low concentration fluoride delivery device available for caries prevention.

The formation of small cavities, or carious lesions, can be reversed by remineralization--that is, the deposition of minerals into previously damaged areas of tooth.The fluoride is carried to developing tooth buds, where the interaction with the developing crystals initiates the replacement of hydroxyapatite (the tooth enamel's normal crystalline composition) with fluorapatite (a related crystal which incorporates fluoride).Fluorapatite is more resistant to decay than is hydroxyapatite." Mary Hayes of the American Dental Association presents some further information: "Fluoride is a naturally occurring element that prevents tooth decay when ingested systemically or applied to teeth topically. Fluorine, the 13th most abundant element in the earth's crust, is never encountered in its free state in nature.In addition, people apply fluoride directly to their teeth when they use a fluoride toothpaste or rinse.Both children and adults also can receive fluoride treatments from the dentist.Swallowed fluorides also become part of the saliva and strengthen teeth from the outside.


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