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Finally, we will discuss what impact social media have had on politics, political dissent, education, and men’s and women’s relationships—and the impact they might be expected to have in future years.Finally, we will focus on the impact of such media on men’s and women’s relationships—including cross-gender friendships, romantic relationships, and sexual relationships..(Mohamed Abd El Ghany/Reuters) Ahmed Abdellahy, a 33-year-old Egyptian, found religious extremism — and then found his way back out — a decade ago, well before the purveyors of extremist ideologies had proliferated across social media, and well before the 2011 Arab Spring uprisings shook open some of the Middle East’s most repressive autocracies and opened wide the fissures of anger and discontent that have since been exploited by extremist groups such as the Islamic State.Like many of the Islamic State’s young sympathizers today, Abdellahy, who spoke Tuesday about his personal ideological journey before an audience at New America in Washington, said he gravitated to extremism through the Internet.One aim of this paper is to point out how popular such sites have become.We suspect that currently most scholars underrate their popularity and ubiquity in this area of the world.The lesson he has drawn from that susceptibility, however, diverges from the approach embraced in recent years by U. officials who have pressured social media platforms and other websites to remove extremist content and shut down user accounts.Abdellahy, whose extremist phase played out entirely in Egypt during the waning years of the Hosni Mubarak regime, didn’t blame the availability of extremist content online.

Initially, the court forced one man to break off his engagement to a woman and another to divorce his two wives.

A police officer acted as an agent provocateur, talking him up on a sex chat site. While many countries clamp down on prostitution, Egypt doesn’t only crack down on sex for sale but on anyone whose sexual practices are not heterosexual.

Anyone in the LGBT community is simply not safe in Egypt, according to Reda Eldanbouki, who heads the non-profit Women’s Center for Guidance and Legal Awareness.

“ ‘You are a victim; all the world is against you’ . And he found a dearth of teachers, scholars and political leaders willing to take his questions.

Nadia Oweidat, a fellow at New America who grew up in Jordan and moderated Abdellahy’s talk on Tuesday, jumped in: “When I was going to school, the role of the school is to stop you from questioning,” she said.


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