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My family and I love her with everything we are made of and I can't even begin to describe how hurt we feel.

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It’s not a tissue of lies, but it is a tissue, one that has been rent so many times that it should be nothing more than dust motes by now, but she was a woman who brought every one of her formidable gifts to bear when it came to the subject of John Kennedy; and we’re no match for her.A photo posted by Jackie Lee (@jackieleemusic) on Rising country singer-songwriter Jackie Lee and his family are mourning the loss of his mother, La Donna Midkiff, who passed away Saturday evening (June 4), after a battle with cancer.All Access first shared the news of Midkiff’s death on Monday (June 6).But what she’s really doing on those tapes—the reason they so easily lent themselves to two hours of Diane Sawyer in prime-time ecstasy last fall and the reason that, bundled with their bound transcripts, they made such an unlikely best seller—is telling us a beautiful story, the one that goes with the pictures. They’re the ones we’re still looking at, still marveling over, the ones that fuse some powerful ideas together and that make us fall in love all over again with a family we’ve never met and specifically with the man at the center of that family, who was apparently willing—eager—to contain the most vital and alluring of his protean energies within it.These photographs have had an outsized effect on our assessment of JFK’s presidency, and our collective feelings about them have served as his magic fishbone, getting him out of one scrape or another as the years pass by and the revelations and reassessments pile up. What she found -- and what she wrote about it -- has sparked a national conversation at ...


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