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Chan Young hanya tertawa dan berkata kalau Bo Na belum datang.” Bo Na menarik Chan Young pergi, tapi langsung berhenti dan memperhatikan penampilan Chan Young.

Bukannya sudah kukatakan kalau kamu harus pakai sesuatu yang warnanya merah karena warna itu sedang in tahun ini!

For my Friend fuchi,man you were tough,hope god the old man is looking after you up there.

I was actually staring at this guy when he let the round off, and Barnard was hit.

Third places are nothing more than informal public gathering places.

Espanglish chat is a place to practise your Spanish with Spanish speakers and make friends: You can speak in English, Spanish or both: Espanglish chat es un lugar para practicar tu inglés y hacer amigos. New content on Lingolex: Crazy stuff TRUMP said Learn Italian , How to learn a foreign language Interesting facts Spanish Verbs for beginners. Updated verion of Spanish pronunciation Suggestions and Advice in Spanish Curiosidad - A micro story Parallel text Princess and the pea.

Begitu sibuknya ia melayani pelanggan, hingga ia tak menyadari kalau Yoon Chan Young (Kang Min Hyuk) sudah duduk di salah satu meja selama 30 menit dan tekun belajar.

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