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If you want to contribute, you can fork the develop branch from github. This will allow us to take advantage of language features that are only available in 5.3, including namespaces, closures, late static binding and guaranteed access to SPL.

These features will in turn allow us to make significant improvements in performance and memory usage, as well as making the code cleaner and easier to maintain.

Who needs the yellow pages when you have an internet search engine?

Suppose you want to find a vet for you new puppy near you.

In addition to this core rewrite, planned changes to the PHPExcel functionality will include switching the XML-based readers to use XMLReader rather than Simple XML; and a complete rewrite of the Calculation Engine to improve performance and provide support for array functions, for row and column references, for R1C1 references, better locale handling (particularly for date functions), and to make it more easily extensible. In honour of World Goth Day, most of the PHPExcel documentation is now online at https://github.com/PHPOffice/PHPExcel/wiki/User Documentation Looking for volunteers to help proofread and sanity test all the code snippets and recipes to be certain that they all work and are easily understandable. The source repository for PHPExcel, together with its sister projects PHPWord and PHPPower Point under the auspices of PHPOffice.

Where possible, we will try to make the API consistent with the current API, but these changes mean that scripts using PHPExcel 2.x will not always be fully backward compatible with scripts using PHPExcel 1.x, but we hope that the improvements will be worth it. Please remember that we have been using github as our source repository for nearly a year now.... For those who read German, Ralf Hohoff has published a free e-book on "Automated document generation with PHPExcel, PHPWord and PHPPower Point", available from The repository can be found at https://github.com/PHPOffice/PHPExcel, and the latest working development code is in the develop branch.

source code has not been maintained here on Codeplex in all that time. This is the first part of series of changes in our development process which we believe will make it easier for us to do more frequent releases of better quality code.

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I develop and support Cumulus in my spare time, and I have a full time job.

We shall be maintaining the Code Plex SVN Source repository in parallel for a time, but the github repository should be considered the definitive source. More details available from the code repository is at https://github.com/kaspernj/php_process for any Ruby coders wanting to try it. Eric Gazoni has just released the first version of a port of PHPExcel to Python... and the code repository is at for any Python coders wanting to try it Current release . If you are just starting working with PHPExcel, this is a good read! Just like with PHPExcel, PHPPower Point can be used to generate PPTX files from a PHP application.

You can find a working example using PHPExcel to generate an Excel file at https://github.com/kaspernj/php_process/blob/master/examples/example_ This can be done by creating an in-memory presentation that consists of slides and different shapes, which can then be written to disk using a writer (of which there’s currently only one for Power Point 2007).

So you have someone, perhaps even me, create a website for you or at least a page on a directory of similar endeavors.

But now you want to be able to make simple updates yourself; for example, add a phone number or email address. In a Content Management System (CMS), the text and images for each page (known as the "content") are easily updated by using a web-based word-processor-style interface.


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