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You may have noticed that we have increased the cover price of the magazine, for the first time this Millennium…

I’m sure everyone understands that twenty pence isn’t what it used to be, and with those funny edges on the small coin that it is, it’s doesn’t roll as far as it used to!

A character is romantically or sexually involved with an actual god or demigod, like Zeus. Hey, if you're Pals with Jesus, you can hook up with these folks pretty easily.

The relationship may be short-term or long; the important thing is that it involves a deity.

overlooked, may fall under Double Standard: Rape, Divine on Mortal.

Dating visual novels seem to be on the rise lately.

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And we would welcome your comments and feedback, as always.

We also hope that the introduction of colour and the material-packed editions, makes half a quid still a reasonable proposition.

We don’t seek to make a profit, but it would be good to break even on this illustrious publication.

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