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For example, say you want to shoot some cool surreal slo-mo footage like the infamous Matrix bullet-time effect.

These communications occurred around the same time that a denial-of-service (DOS) attack took down Slater's website - the right-wing blog Whale Oil Beef Hooked - and feature hundreds of items of correspondence in which prominent New Zealanders are criticised and vilified.

Hager's book describes a lengthy history of correspondence between Slater and Justice Minister Judith Collins that eventually contributed to her resignation as a Minister.

The Complex Problem: You ain’t got no no Matrix special FX software, no Matrix cameras and you [...] Here’s a very brilliant and entertaining bit of filmmaking by Russian filmmaker, Ilya Naishuller, in the form of a an ultra-violent ultra-viral first-person shooter music video entitled “Bad Motherf***er”.

Apart from excellent stunt work and editing, this video is particularly notable in that it was shot entirely on the Go Pro Hero Cam.


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