Dating the crucifixion

Another difference: in Matthew, Mark and Luke, the central moment of Jesus’ “last supper” comes when he takes bread and wine and says “This is my body, this is my blood.” This event isn’t even mentioned in the gospel of John, which instead speaks of Jesus’ washing his disciples’ feet as the significant moment of this final meal.

John’s gospel is not so much interested in exactly what happened but in the MEANING of what happened.

Following will be a discussion of the evidence leading up to the years 30, 31 and 33 CE, and how that might modify or confirm the dating of the crucifixion.

Therefore, one ought not to assume that any particular eclipse, past or future, necessarily had a red appearance.

The synoptic gospels record that on the day of the Crucifixion it was dark from noon until pm ().

Wayne Spencer Jesus Christ's crucifixion is one of the most important events in the history of the world. Yet there has not been a good consensus among scholars about the exact date of the crucifixion.

I will follow the work of Cambridge professor Colin Humphreys based on his book, "The Mystery of the Last Supper," published in 2011 [1].


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