Dating pre sell pages

Today we’re going to look at the landing pages that some of these million-dollar direct response advertisers use on other advertisers with Taboola.You’ll see many of the classic styles, a few new ones, and a few takes on some of the older ones.But the problem is that you need to put the presell page somewhere. So why doesn’t every Click Bank affiliate have a site ? If you don’t want to get involved in creating web pages there’s a wonderful alternative. Putting a presell page on a blog is simply a matter of writing the content of a blog post then pressing the publish button.Because it involves (they believe): No wonder they shy away from using the one strategy which outranks all others – and consequently look on helpless as their Click Bank account doesn’t make money. Then seeing it automatically picked up by the search engines thanks to the in-built blog pinging services.And do you know the main reason why these affiliates fail?

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Something that entices the visitor to read on and click through as you explain, for example, the benefits of the product, how it worked for you, what the results were, and so on.

I’ve also included easy exercises with each step to ensure you get the output you need to finish and launch your pre-sale landing page. When you’re building a pre-sale landing page, there are a few key items you’ll want to include and they are: Having this basic information will automatically put you in a better spot to capture leads, and hopefully, convert customers by launch day.

Of course, you can always add more information and arrange the content in any order that makes the most sense, but having a strong foundation should serve you well.*Exercise: take the first 5 bullet points from the list above and fill it out for your offer.

There’s nothing more frustrating than creating a product that doesn’t sell.

Putting in a ton of work for no payoff totally sucks, yet so many creators end up in this position. They skip the most important part of the creation process: idea validation.


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