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Can you help me figure a date or point me in the right direction?? Lori Weatherington -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Mbuilder To: Digger Subject: gilka Date: i have found a older j.a.gilka bottle that is Schutzenstr n.09 i cant find any info regarding the date or value from what i can still read on the back label it said something to the affect of being manufactured under the food and drug act of June 30th 1906 on the side molded into the glass it also says this bottle not to be sold any info would be greatly helpful. The kids recently started collecting, hauling and cleaning lots of embossed medicine, food, and beauty product bottles. Please, I am not trying to unload this on you, so if you have recommendations where to get at such information, you can point us there. I have some dating from as early as 1875 up through the turn of the century.

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shown on Channel 4 on Thursday 11th March, another series of Homes from Hell shown on ITV1 in July, Surgery School for 3 weeks on ITV1 from Monday 6th September and Lost Land of the Tiger which was shown on BBC1 and BBC HD on Tuesday 21st September for 3 consecutive evenings. New Orleans Recorded two fourth-quarter touchdowns marked his sixth career multi-touchdown reception game became the 10 th Steeler to record 10 or more touchdown receptions in a single season became the seventh player to record at least 11 touchdown receptions in a single season surpassed 25 career receiving touchdowns to become the 11 th player in team history to record 25 career touchdown receptions as a Steeler became the fifth player in team history to reach 350 career receptions as a Steeler surpassed Dial for the seventh-most receiving yards in team history.

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thanks, Beginner bottle collector -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Karenpie To: Digger Subject: (no subject) Date: hello digger.enjoyed your articles and reader's questions very much. i couldn't find out a lot of info, as the records from our small township are very vague, and our senior neighbors have conflicting stories. they are very industrious, and wanted not only to learn about the companies and products, but also find out if this was something of interest to anyone else. The seam goes almost up to the top of the stem but then disappears. We have looked through a great deal, but the resources available are limited. Costs of soda and beer will be more difficult to obtain but I have some related material.I need help identifying somewhat a date on a full wine bottle I found. we've also found quite a few milk bottles, and wondered about those as well. Nevertheless, this has been a fun project and we hope to make the most out of it. Mike PS - if I ever end up with another historic project, I'll write in money in the budget to buy your bottle books. We are producing a technical report to meet the contract, but we hope to publish a monograph on the project down the road. In the net few days we have a few things keeping us busy, but will soon get back to you with some of Budd's Beverages history. The medicine is still in the bottle that is corked closed. It stands about 3-4 inches and has a cork as a lid. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Frizzgir To: Digger Subject: Can you help me?? Recnetly I was digging in my back yard and I found what appears to be a very old medicine bottle. Brittany Chardin Brtchardin1 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Bbillschef To: Digger Subject: (no subject) Date: I have 3 bottles I found in my basement.Here are the details: It has a cork that is covered. it has a a rope that is attached at the cork that wraps around the neck of the bottle. i guess it's just something that comes with experience, as to pricing and valuation. We have a lot of Budd's Beverages bottles, cases, and signs that are hanging around in our cellar. Please send me any info you may have or a website I might find it on. Bridget -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: John To: Digger Subject: ? Troy NY Date: Hello Digger I have a prohibition era case of Teachers Scotch in the original wooden bo. How do I go about finding the value or where do I go to sell. It is clear in color and it is 5 1/2 inches high, 1 3/4 inches wide, and 1 1/4 inches deep. They are from a company from Buffalo called American Bluing Company.Historians have analyzed its consequences for domestic politics while military historians declared it a model of generalship, and limited archeological investigations have been undertaken as well.What has been overlooked frequently is the interpretation of the battle as a cross-cultural, trans-Atlantic encounter.The potential for learning about Edison’s strategies for creating recipes for new products is demonstrated by a study of the nickel-iron battery.


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