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The Maltese might enjoy the relaxed, Mediterranean way of life during the day, but don’t make the mistake of thinking Malta has a sleepy nightlife. Look behind the ancient facade, and you’ll discover that the Maltese sure know how to party with top international DJs such as Tiesto playing sets on the island.

The nation’s nightlife is thriving with St Julian’s a particular hotspot.

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Exploring the island’s megalithic temples for a glimpse into our prehistory. Spend at least one dinner in Senglea, with an incomparable view of Valletta. Learning more about the history of the Maltese Cross. Getting the best view of town from the Upper Barrakka Gardens in Valletta. Visit Dingli Cliffs and see the ancient cart ruts etched into the land. Spend some time at the National War Museum and be impressed by Maltese bravery, especially in World War II. This campaign was created and sponsored by Malta Tourism Authority in partnership with iambassador.

After your first marriage broke down, did you ever see yourself starting another serious relationship, settling down with someone else – and adopting a whole ready-made family, dog included? In fact, it took seven years for someone rather special to come along and convince me otherwise; and I was lucky because he got the thumbs up from my daughter too.

When it did happen, how sceptical were you to trust and take the plunge?

What is the essence of Maltese cuisine and who is taking it to the next level?

Firstly let’s get one thing out of the way; the portion sizes here are epic… I had to check that I wasn’t expected to eat the whole lot.

After a gander around this UNESCO World Heritage Site, my thoughts were turning to lunch – apparently I was to have two. Gazing at the Azure Window on Gozo and losing yourself in the views. Enjoy a slow walk along the Birgu/Vittoriosa waterfront 35.Kristina Chetcuti and Marielouise Caruana Galea talk openly about their respective second chances at love and the building of their big, blended families.The rugged isle is home to just four permanent residents, but it’s a favourite with locals and tourists who seek unspoilt landscapes and hidden coves.No trip to Malta is complete without experiencing the luscious, azure waters of Comino’s Blue Lagoon- one of Malta’s many stunning natural pools.Even in the ‘winter’ you can enjoy a dip in the crystal clear waters or top-up your suntan on any of Malta’s pristine beaches. Whether you take a dip in the inviting waters of St Peter’s Pool or party with your friends on the golden sand of Ghajn Tuffieha- Malta’s islands have the perfect beach for you.


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