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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau enter to speak media prior to heading to lecture hall to take questions from the public at the Health Sciences Building on the University of Saskatchewan campus in Saskatoon on Wednesday, Jan. (Liam Richards / THE CANADIAN PRESS) REGINA - A Saskatchewan man has been found guilty of uttering threats against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau after posting expletive-laden posts on Facebook saying Trudeau should be shot.Christopher Hayes, 41, was fined 0 and given nine months of probation, which includes a ban on attending events with Trudeau. and I would personally thank the person who did kill him." The defence argued that Hayes did not intend to utter a threat, but only to express an opinion. Hayes did not intend to kill the prime minister and I further accept that he was frustrated by the economic problems he was facing when he made the posts on Facebook," Green said in a written statement Monday. I am satisfied that he intended the threatening words he used in both of his posts, regarding causing death to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, to intimidate and to be taken seriously." Court heard that the RCMP interviewed Hayes in April 2016, after seeing the first post, and Hayes said he wrote it out of frustration.Read More An ideal location and layout combine to make these 1,244 square foot townhome condominiums the first home you have been searching for.A treed community in the East side of Regina and a family-friend neighbourhood create a desirable surrounding...Hayes said he agreed when the officer told him that he had crossed a line. In a post before the court decision was issued, Hayes wrote he's "one of an elite group of citizens whom has said enough is enough and stood up to the the trudeau liberals and their scare tactics of using the rcmp to silence any one who should voice an opinion other than their own." He said if he was found guilty, he would refuse any probation and protest the decision by accepting only jail time.

This decision was made by Queen Victoria's daughter Princess Louise, who was the wife of the Governor General of Canada, the Marquess of Lorne.

Regina was established in 1882 when it became clear that Edgar Dewdney, the lieutenant-governor of the North-West Territories, eschewed the previously established and considered Battleford, Troy and Fort Qu'Appelle (the latter some 30 mi (48 km) to the east, one on rolling plains and the other in the Qu'Appelle Valley between two lakes), as the territorial seat of government.

These communities were widely considered more amiable locations for what was anticipated would be a far more major metropole for the Canadian plains than actually eventuated, situated as they were in amply watered and treed rolling parklands whereas "Pile-of-Bones," as the site was then called, was in the midst of arid and featureless grassland.

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