Dating former high school student

Within about a month, this led to an admission of attraction, and eventually, we acted on this attraction.

By sheer providence, he went on vacation for a couple of weeks, which gave me time to step away from the emotion and ridiculousness of this situation and glean a little perspective.

Need assessment suggestions to help sort them out more accurately.

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[CA] [Spanish/9-12] - New Spanish teacher calling out to fellow Spanish teachers.

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However, it is usually against the rules of the school, and perhaps the school district, for the teachers to date their students, regardless of age, because it could easily result in charges of sexual harassment, given the uneven power of a teacher and student.Again, there is much merriment at the beginning as we order and consume our first sips of alcohol, but then it begins to feel as though we are both fish flopping around on hot concrete and the inevitable silence becomes too crushing to stomach. I truly care about these former students; they initiate this drinking ritual.And yet, there is almost always something off about our interactions. This is incredibly difficult to place down into words because of the shameful nature of what I have done.Following the graduation of one of my students, who is 18 years old, we began seeing each other socially.Sign Up For Free Join for FREE, and start talking with other members, weighing in on community discussions, and more.


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