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Stromberg, companies which used these necks in this era.Original friction tuners Brand, but no serial number seen so far The tailpiece is actually a snare strainer holder for a snare drum.Simple neck brace as found on other brands from this era Head is drying nicely, I will wait a few days before I pull the assembly down and polish all the hardware A couple of more shots of it scaled against a 19 fret Bacon "Super" The head dried nicely and is adjusted properly The nut was broken on the 4 th string and the previous owner chose to lower the first 2 fret wires on the bass side only instead of repairing or replacing it.Converted from tenor to fretted 5-string using "wings" and a new, wider fingerboard.APPRAISER: These are two nice instruments you brought in today.

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If this is not acceptable to you, we will be happy to refund just that part of your order or your whole order, whichever is your preference.The history of this well regarded Boston company starts with two separate companies.The actual Vega Company was formed in 1889 in Boston, Massachusetts by Julian and Carl Nelson with John Swenson and John Pahn as the skilled craftsmen making guitars and later mandolins on a small scale.Owned and operated by Sam & Buddy Lee De Paule since September 2011.GUEST: I used to play banjos and go to all the contests, the fiddle/banjo contests and things like that, and so I took up the banjo, and as I progressed, I just decided I'd try bluegrass, and I needed a bluegrass banjo, so I bought that particular banjo.This my highest-quality tenor-to-5-string conversion to date (i.e., best tenor banjo to start with).


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