Dating disproven

It’s clear to reasonable people that the Bible is not meant to be taken literally as any kind of history.

It is a collection of stories, full of contradictions and things that don’t match with real world findings.

If the flood was only required to cover the mountains in Urartu (Ararat), where Noah's boat is said to have settled, about 5km of water would be needed.

The effect of rainbow gravity is small for objects like the Earth but it is significant and measurable for black holes.Of course, once the truth emerged it was then time for Hollywood Lies to cover its tracks and do what it appears to do best, which is make up yet another lie.This time around, now that Gossip Cop established Pratt has not “already met someone new,” the repeatedly disproven site came up with the angle about the actor “swearing off dating.” Pretending to have sources, the outlet claims it has learned that Pratt “has zero interest in dating.” The only real zero here is the accuracy and truthfulness of that outlet.The flood occurred when this vapor condensed and fell as rain, flooding the earth.The flood subsided later, various explanations being given for where all that water went. For the earth's atmosphere, the pressure is almost exactly hydrostatic, since it is held to the earth by gravity and velocities are too low to significantly change the pressure.In plain language this means that the air pressure at any point is equal to the weight of the air in a unit area column above that point. Everest, the pressure is lower because the lowest and densest 9km of the atmosphere is below that point.


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