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After Carl Zeiss' death in 1888, Abbe founded the Zeiss Foundation and built up its photographic optics branch and reduced daily working time of the company's employees to 8 hours. That way Zeiss avoided too fast growth of its own production facilities. One part was recreated in West Germany and based in Oberkochen, and kept within the Zeiss Foundation.Carl Zeiss' scientists like Paul Rudolph created such classic lens formulae as the Tessar, Planar, Biogon, and Sonnar. The other part remained in Jena, but soon lost the right to use the traditional names, like the brand name Zeiss and the related famous lens names. Look up scroll down to Zeiss cumulative production numbers to date your binoculars. Hi I would do a GOOGLE search, not for that exact binocular, necessarily, but for a collector who handles that vintage and start there. Thanks for posting with us Joanie K - Your personal optics expert Forum: Blog: Store: Phone: (800) 504-5897 Fax: (847) 919-3003Hi, If the serial number is anywhere on these glasses, you can easily find out when they were made. Try a search on Zeiss Jena Thanks for posting with us Joanie K - Your personal optics expert Forum: Blog: Store: Phone: (800) 504-5897 Fax: (847) 919-3003i just bought an old pair of binos at a yard sale, after looking all over it i found very faint etchings with the manufacturer and model number, im wondering how to find out more about them the markings are :voigtlander underneath that braunschweig and under that model no 62810 any info is appreciated!It's part of the Carl Zeiss Foundation, which also owned the Zeiss Ikon camera maker from its foundation in 1926 until it disappeared in 1972.

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His later microscopes used a draw-tube coarse focus and a knob controlled fine focus.Carl Zeiss opened an optics workshop in Jena in 1846. By 1861 Zeiss was considered to be among the best scientific instrument makers in Germany with about 20 people working under him with his business still growing.By 1866 the Zeiss workshop sold their 1,000 microscope. Carl Zeiss has purchased Zeiss Jean, recently, but if your binos are old, they are either Carl Zeiss or Zeiss Jena, not both. Carl Zeiss and Zeiss Jena have been historically two different organizations and quite different binoculars.The company was founded in Jena in 1856 and called Carl Zeiss Jena. In 1909 the camera making daughter company was merged into the ICA group which later became part of Zeiss Ikon.


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