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He was never supportive and wouldn't allow me to talk about the cancer.

About a year after, my ex husband had an affair, that's why he's my ex.

He had just lost his Mum to cancer when I was dxd..

I will keep trying ulntil I find the right one, but it is daunting sometimes. Maybe she’s sitting next to me here in Starbucks, or waiting for me to find her. ) is strictly a news and information website about the disease.

He said, "If I talked about it, it meant I wanted it to come back! As of now I am cancer free, but will be taking tests soon.

I began to blog about my cancer - everyone I knew (and a slew of strangers) was aware of my diagnosis.

As one man to another, one breast cancer survivor to another, let me tell you: It’s been awful. I lost the weight, started working out, no more side effects.


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