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That’s not the story line that everyone was reacting to last night, I know, but I wanted to get that out of the way before discussing anything else.

Erica Cerra did a fine job of communicating Becca’s devastation, determination and frustration, and all my nerd tendencies were activated by the clues, hints and developments, which were laid out in a clear, energetic fashion.

In this article, I found that a critical chemical in understanding the cause of happiness is endorphins, which specialize in stress relief.

I have thought a lot about happiness during my transition to Penn State.

When I first arrived, I felt a complicated mixture of feelings that eventually led me to an overwhelming standstill.

Endorphins possess the unique ability to act as calming messengers.

Passing through neurons, they chemically channel parts of the brain that generate pleasure in order to mitigate pain.


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