Database efficient updating

I agree that deleting and re-inserting data like this is definitely not a good idea for SQL backends.AFAICS, the new code would have to query existing values first, compare them against new values, and lastly, perform the necessary insert/update delete queries.

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RDBMSs provide data access using a natural structure and organization of the data.A Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) is a software system that provides access to a relational database.The software system is a collection of software applications that can be used to create, maintain, manage and use the database.He minimizes the development time using modern SQL and optimizes the runtime with smart indexing.His book entitled SQL Performance Explained has become standard reading.“Use The Index, Luke!On the face of it it does seem very inefficient and very pessimistic - a comparison and update or insert as you suggest seems preferable and far more efficient.


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