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The tools discussed here are most functional in a unix environment but windows users can obtain similar functions by using a posix shell available from which will include an openssh package in 'latest' and a cvs package in 'contrib'.This collection of mini howtos is a dynamic copy of the Unix Toolbox.This page extracts the XML content directly from the original XHTML DOM and displays only the requested node. Unix Toolbox revision 14.4 Copyright (c) 2007-2012 Colin Barschel.There are three popular ways to access the CVS at this point.The first two don't need any further configuration.We run cvs pserver under xinetd (config file below). Thanks Example: cvspserver config file You should absolutely follow their advice. Generally, when doing this, you will need to ensure that the daemon has enough rights to do what it does.

It is possible to have cvs users which are not part of the OS (no local users).Warning If your file server or networking filesystem caches directory listings, the cached listings invalidate CVS file locking. If your file server or networking filesystem changes files in transit, the changes can corrupt the CVS data.This corruption can be subtle enough that it doesn't show up for weeks or months.Question: Can I safely lock down the 'cvs pserver' by replacing "user=root" with "user=cvs" ? Note: User "cvs" owns all files in the 'cvs root' directory "/var/cvs/cvs" I ask because I've searched around through all the decade-old documentation and all examples have 'user=root' and none suggest changing the "user=" parameter to increase security. My suggestion would be to back up your repository and just go ahead and make the change.The way this works is that xinetd (often running as root) will drop privileges and then execute the /usr/bin/cvs with stdin and stdout directed toward the socket which xinetd manages. CVS is simple enough and shouldn't require any permissions beyond being able to manipulate the files under its root.Pserver is a protocol used for communication between CVS clients and servers.


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