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Born in Paris, Baudelaire grew up as a spoilt and rebellious child resentful of the loss of his father when he was very small and the mother's second marriage to a young and dapper colonel.The stepfather wanted to discipline the young boy and sent him off to Calcutta in 1841.But many of the students who took admissions under the 2009 scheme had objected to this saying that the regulation in force during their admissions required only a CGPA of 6.0 for first class and 7.5 and above for distinction.Some had also approached the high court in this regard saying that changing the regulations midway during their course was against the law.Examination wing sources said that around 25000 students will have to change either their degree certificates or consolidated mark lists.The varsity had in 2011 following a UGC directive increased the CGPA score required for first class to 6.5 and above.But the varsity had issued the degree certificates and consolidated mark lists requirig a CGPA score of 6.5 and above for first class for students who had passed out from 2013 to 2015.

I do the character of his wife Pathu, a village woman and a mother of two teenagers.

One of the poems of this work (which was proscribed by the French authorities on grounds of immorality) is a beautiful poem called A une Malabaraise (To a Girl from Malabar): Baudelaire speculates on her chores back home in Malabar (in the warm blue climate where your Gods bore you) : light the pipe of your master, to drive far from the bed raiding mosquitoes and to buy pineapples and bananas at the bazaar.

The poet ends by dissuading the girl from her wish to go with him : O, why,happy child, do you want to see our France! seeking amongst our dirty fogs/The slender ghosts of distant coco-palms!

Tech from the existing 6.5 and above to 6.0 and above for students admitted under the 2009 scheme.

Three batches of students under the 2009 scheme who had passed out from 2013 to 2015 will be required to change their degree certificates and their consolidated mark lists to reflect the change.


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