Clay aiken dating anyone

At the same time, when Deb pressed the return button in Heaven, her soul entered Jane's body and she struggles to balance her identity along with the Old Jane's.

When Deb took over her body, she was equipped with all of Jane's legal smarts but none of her memories.

But when the issue is one of secrecy, chances are he's gay--and he's not ready to come out and say it. As to when Gio reports from the studio or not I don't think he would be able to decide that based on where david muir is. If he's not committed, he probably has a regular that he goes to. But we do need to look into this.[quote]How often does Gio go back and forth to Miami? He's just a gay news reporter in the beginning of his career. And, even if they have their suspicions, there's still a big difference between a subset kinda sorta thinking he might be gay and him actually coming out and what they'd think of him then. Gio really doesn't get that she shouldn't be snapping selfies with fully out gay guys... Newsflash, breaking news: YOU ARE NOT ANDERSON YET. Says he comes to NYC to play but works in Philly... Nothing wrong with working out to keep your body in shape and work off stress. Or maybe he's just trying to find a man at the gym.yes! Looking at Gio's instagram I see he took pics with handsome Don Lemon and handsome Kendis Gibson.

Someone I know posted a pic taking shots with him at twist in south beach just last nightwith another guy. Clay Aiken used to be on Manhunt when he was closeted, r134... From his Instagram it seems like every 2 weeks or so. But his body indicates its far more than working out. This confirms that Kendis is also "1 of us", as he, Gio and another woman from CNN hung out later too.

Deb/Jane usually avoids suspicion by claiming the shooting affected her memory.

She is pleased that as Jane she can make a difference in people's lives.

Not always, but most anytime the issue is the "we don't know much about him," chances are he's gay. But yes the guys he runs with when he comes to visit south beach are a certain type. I love Cuban men and was fortunate enough to have more than a few of them . Why do these tops with semi-interesting careers go for vapid whores though? Hate to be a negative person, and type shit, I fear karma. He is #Team Bottom #Bottle Rat #Pumkin Head #Tiny Meat #Girl Voice #Annoying #No H8 #You Rmexican Not Brasil R112 don't feel bad at all! I will say he has a HOT body but he's really large for a bottom lol I guess Gio likes muscle bitches. Datalounge is not a little unknown site, after all, it seems...r112 If the face pic does not turn you off... But strangely enough, whenever David Muir would sit in as anchor (before he took over), Gio would always be in the studio sitting across the desk to report on his story... The Grindr prowler who had a pic of his torso only on the app, yet a link to his Instagram where you could see him cozying up to Gio... I wonder how moderately famous people find hookups. [quote]These closetcases or semi-closetcases should really fucken look at who they hang with... It gets to a point where outing himself is an exercise in futility It's not futility for most straights. Americans love to torture anyone and it's OK unless it's a black person.

Straight people are not apprehensive about letting it be known that they're straight. Gio is goodlooking but he has the tv reporter cadence that annoys the hell out of me. BUT (and somebody else chime in here and back me up )they are not the most hung men as a rule. You can't put your face on hookup apps, but you can't really afford to hire private discreet rent boys. He does look a bit plain for Gio, and they really could just be bros... Dlers always go on about how "obvious" it is that someone is gay and how pointless and empty it would be to come out since "everyone knows anyway" But, plenty of clueless straights don't know or aren't even paying attention, or are dutifully delusional. Bunch of Gio is back in Miami for Xmas obviously with his family...wonder if he's made any time to fuck any of those hos we talked about in this thread while he's down there. It's common knowledge in the medical profession that those who cannot cut it in med school become D. In other words, he's not a real doctor, he just pretends to be one...

It's stupid for an actor like Brian Smith to remain in the closet. He's proven with Glass Menagerie that he doesn't have to rely on action and Sci-fi roles.

I wonder if Quinto or Cherry Jones scolded him about it.


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