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Following the decree, Morsi's political opponents launched massive demonstrations that threw Egypt into domestic instability and uncertainty.In the case of most countries, this would not be a matter of international note. It is the largest Arab country and one that has been the traditional center of the Arab world.Egyptian Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman, the leader of Gamaah al-Islamiyah, was arrested in 1993 and convicted for his role in fomenting terrorist plots in the United States, where he is still in prison.The leader of the Egyptian Islamic Jihad, Ayman al-Zawahiri, eventually helped found al Qaeda and became the transnational terrorist group's leader after the death of Osama bin Laden.The problem with this theory was that while the demonstrators might have had the strength to force an election, it was not certain that the secular constitutionalists would win it. Morsi is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, and while there were numerous claims that he was a moderate member, it was simply not understood that he was a man of conviction and honor and that his membership in the Brotherhood was not casual or frivolous.His intention was to strengthen the role of Islam in Egypt and the control of the Muslim Brotherhood over the various arms of state.The activities of radical jihadist groups have died down in mainland Egypt in recent months, but that does not mean the country's security situation is settled.

Egypt has a long history of radical and even militant Islamism.

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Siwa Soul %u2013 an Australian in Siwa Oasis and Red Sea / Sinai, Egypt I have been visiting Egypt since 1993 and visiting Siwa Oasis since 1995. In January 2012 I moved to the Red Sea and Sinai, on the other side of Egypt, but I ...


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