Before updating scaffolding from new db schema try creating

If you are using Visual Studio 2012, double click the file from Solution Explorer to open the database tool.

Visual Studio Express for Web will show Database Explorer, Visual Studio 2012 will show Server Explorer.

You can run manual SQL to return the DB to the way Entity Framework expects (the way it was before you manually modified it, which brings it back in line with the hash) by inspecting what you had before and what your db currently looks like.

We can attach other autoloaders to it so that it knows where to find different classes.

For example, if I remove "Hoste By" from this class.....

The model backing the 'Nerd Dinners' context has changed since the database was created.

Build the application to make sure there are no errors.

From the Tools menu, click Library Package Manager and then Package Manager Console.


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