Are rihanna and chris brown secretly dating

"I know Chris changed cars and we rode out to f*cking Burbank.Guess they figured that over there in the Valley nobody would spot them.

” Two minutes later, Ri-Ri responded with, “I’ll always love you #1love.” Coincidence? Rihanna has already defended why she even follows Brown on Twitter and has shared that she’s still a “fan” of his and “excited” for his comeback, which is fine. Was it just a little something to get off their chest or is this their way of making something public? Online] Yeah, we already know that Chris’ mom (along with Rihanna’s cousins) is gunning for Rihanna to take Chris back, but her handlers know better than to let that happen for the sake of Rihanna’s career.

The Rita Ora and Rihanna feud is about to get a whole lot nastier as Chris Brown is dating Rita!

It’s no secret that Rihanna and Rita are not pals – it’s unclear when exactly the women began hating each other, and there are different versions of the story, depending on who you ask.

The 90-minute film played across the nation on Thursday night only and will be available for preorder on i Tunes on Friday, June 9.

It will then be released on August 8 to 100 different different transactional pay-per-view outlets, according to producer Andrew Listermann of Riveting Entertainment. But the details regarding what Brown has to say in the documentary are far more interesting, especially when it comes to Rihanna.


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