Are husky and ro dating

Pansino’s videos usually amass at least 1 million views within a few days of being uploaded, but they continue to rack up hits years after the fact; her most popular video currently has 125 million views, and according to Social Blade, over the past 30 days she has brought in a total of 55 million views.Rosanna Pansino is among the top-earning celebrities on You Tube, as according to Forbes, she makes about .5 million per year.For comparison, Pew Die Pie makes million, Lindsey Stirling makes million, and Michelle Phan makes million.The majority of Pansino’s income from You Tube comes from advertisements, which vary from those that run before the video starts to those incorporated into the content itself; Pansino occasionally discusses literature in segments sponsored by Audible.Now here we have a guy calling himself Husky Starcraft (real name: Mike Lamond) who has nearly 1 million subscribers on the You Tube, a perfect procrastination tool for most kids and a money-minting gold mine for a select few others.Anyway, these subscriber folks willingly devoted several minutes — if not several hours — of their life to watching Mr. Lamond makes a lot of money, probably hundreds of thousands per year.

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She is 4′ 10″, a fact which she says helped her land some acting roles when she was a teenager getting into the arts.

cupcakes and Sponge Bob lemon bars, it’s no surprise that Rosanna Pansino’s Nerdy Nummies You Tube channel is responsible for three of You Tube's most viral food videos of 2013.

Each adorable episode shows Pansino cooking up one of her sweet, typically frosted, video game– or pop culture–inspired creations. The channel has more than a million subscribers; videos like the one about her My Little Pony cupcakes (above) can earn upwards of 5 million views.

Lamond play that Starcraft game and talk in a rather annoying voice. Now call Yolanda a bitter old hag if you must, but we find that downright shocking. If “Highest-Paid You Tube Stars” is anything to go by, we’re going to see a lot more of this money here in the immediate future. Lamond is a successful individual in his own right, we don’t believe he’s the big breadwinner here.

That honor goes to his girlfriend Rosanna Pansino (real name: Rosanna Reardon) who runs an oddball yet massively successful cooking show on You Tube called “Nerdy Nummies” that has somehow racked up a flabbergasting seven million subscribers.


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