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And while some of them may require a road trip or plane ride to get to, others, like Grand Central, may be practically right under our noses.

Related: World's Prettiest Mountain Towns The past century-and-a-half has seen the creation of two organizations that work together to protect America’s national treasures.

Chamberlain asserted that races differed not only physically, but also morally, spiritually, and intellectually; that the Germans, the only pure descendants of ancient Aryans, were physically superior & bearers of a higher culture; that the Jews were undermining German society; to save Western civilization from lower races -Jews, Negroes, Orientals. could renew the spiritual basis of society, reaffirming the principles of monarchy, social hierarchy, loyalty, discipline, and race....

"Christianity was an indispensable cohesive force in a class-torn nation; religious rebirth alone . [R]eligion, not politics, was the basis of a new Germany" "..perception that Jews maintained their cohesiveness and sense of identity under all conceivable circumstances was a source of both fear and envy.

Her parents seem to have been Margaret and Peter, who were from Canajoharie, the upper Mohawk village.

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This is a question asked all too frequently when the name is mentioned.

She is most often recognized in reference to her brother, Joseph Brant, leader of the Mohawk people and founder of Brantford. It is generally accepted that Molly was born in 1736, possibly in the Ohio Valley (Wilson 1976: 55; Graymont 1979: 416) where her family lived for some time.

The superficial elite believed that social problems could be solved by eliminating certain segments of the population.

This certain segment happens to be what they deemed "unfit" whose lives weren't worthy of existence.


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