Advice for dating germans

On the whole, the best people perhaps in the world; an amiable, unselfish, kindly people.

I am positive that the vast majority of them go to Heaven.

This is where it can be handy to learn some German - Austrians often don’t want to look stupid and may be shy about speaking English - so learning a few cheesy chat up lines like "Ich möchte dich nicht dumm anmachen, aber ich hätte nichts dagegen, wenn du es tust" could be a game changer.

Without looking up from his jotter, Arthur was now capable of reaching out and grabbing the receiver precisely about the middle to cradle against his ear."Hello you.""Ah. ""We have a "special relationship"," Arthur said promptly, "There's really little more to say.""No," The German sounded equally dismissive, "I do not mean that. I meant between the two of you as a couple."Arthur upset his mug of tea. " he spluttered down the line."It is common knowledge that you are in a relationship.""It bloody well isn't! And if you tell Alfred I suggested that, we be discussing war. He sighed, unable to shake the feeling the splotch on the brick outside was an ill omen for things to come.

I'd say it's about as uncommon a knowledge as is knocking about."It sounded as though Ludwig was sighing on his end. Arthur had almost gone ahead and fished out his mobile to ring the German and redirect him to the right Starbucks before he realised the man was, indeed, sat only a few tables away from where he stood.

If you’re tired of German cuisine, your options of foreign dishes are Döners, pizza, or pasta.

If you’re five minutes early, you’re almost late on German time – that’s how anal we are about it.


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