Adult chat stories

(Hot tip: Network with like-minded people who are in similar shoes – online or offline (in my case, other people with Asperger’s).

Then one day, I decided to contact a job coach for guidance. Here’s what I learned and what helped me find a “good” job (and yes, I’m still working there today): As I was being coached, I constantly reminded myself of my prior accomplishments, skills and positive traits. I wasn’t afraid to ask the friend of a friend or another slightly removed acquaintance for recommendations during my job search.

I am looking for a graphic science fiction comic collection of short stories.

If you have translated any of the ARC tests, and are happy to be contacted by other researchers to obtain a copy of your translation, please contact the webmaster.

It took me quite some time to UNDERSTAND Myself first~ Labeled with mental health issues, they "tried" to medicate me, though, I KNEW these...

I choose to re~incarnate for the purpose of guiding, learning and teaching others about our gifts and talents.

Having a complete mental breakdown from this I was heavily medicated for 16 yrs for depression which I now know I never had. I didn't try to convince them of the encounters I had with spirits. I have always felt so out of place here, so incapable of connecting with other humans. I'd like to thank whoever made this group, and to all that join and share within. I have heard that Indigos are here to "..raise the vibrational level of the global consciousness to assist in the transition to the new 5th... I remember, I remember before before I remember where I came from.

If you are Indigo, you already know about my persona. It is a place that looks like a floating upside down mountain.


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