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I met Mondo at the Pole Vault Summit when he was like, six or seven or maybe eight years old.

He was really, really little and he was so shy and it was so cute because I've known his dad for a long time.

Click here to learn how you can configure its settings.Before, we directed our inquiries to sales representatives as we walked up and down the aisles of a store.Now, between crazy work hours and life, we find ourselves putting more items into our virtual shopping carts than our physical ones. The following are 3 reasons why incorporating live chat into your business’ customer service experience will help you gain more customers and keep them happy. Quick answers and less waiting When shopping online, customers are happier and more likely to make a purchase if their questions are answered quickly.I remember I had the stickers for my website that a guy made for me that I was passing out to people and so I handed him a sticker and he took it but he was just too shy to even say anything. When we hear “customer service” our minds immediately jump to interminable phone call experiences.All we ask is that you commit to sending at least 1000 messages per month – It’s that easy!


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